This kit provides an electric hydraulic pump for both flaps and landing gear. ·While it is not normally used for the flaps this is an excellent option for the landing gear, you just set the gear selector and cycle the switch and then watch your mirrors and listen for the big thump.

The installation is approximately 5 pounds located at approximately station 12.

This ties into the existing hydraulic system to provide an assist with gear operations.·

The original hand pump is available in case of failure or for precise flap operations.

Price: $3400 12V, $3500 24V
Price installed*: $4680**
Availability: 2-4 Weeks

Installation Notes:

While this is not a complicated installation it does take some time and a little planning. ·This requires modification of the existing hydraulic pump.·We recommend sending the pump to our shop for modification, contact us for more imformation.

Estimated Installation Time: 16 hours***

*Installed price is an estimate based on an assumed condition of the aircraft.· Installation cost varies based on the work required to prepare the aircraft for the installation this kit.

**Installation can be accomplished at our Fallon facility or your site.· On-site installation will incur additional costs for travel and per diem.

***All shop time estimates are what we quote for our staffed of experienced Seabee people.· A&P's without experience with these kits can expect to double and even triple the noted installation time.