This kit modifies the aft fuselage bulkhead, reroutes the aileron calbes, extends the baggage compartment floor to the aft of the fuselage tower and repalces the rear seat with a 50/50 foldiing Seat.·

This kit has been seperated into three kits all based on the same STC:

The Aft Bulkhead Modification opens up the rear baggage compartment by modifying the bulkhead so that there is no impediment behind the seats to the baggage compartment.· That means no more little hole and using your boat hook to fish out gear.· This is in our opinion is one of the "must do" modifications for the Seabee.· In addition to removing the aft bulkhead the original plywood baggage compartment floor is replaced with a new aluminum floor structure that adds cargo hooks.· This is a complex kit to install and should be done only by an A&P with Seabee experience.· If you are not having our shop do this work then we will be happy to recommend an experienced Seabee A&P.· This kit includes the parts to modify the bulkhead and the STC.· The STC included with this kit is used for the other two kits related to this modification.

Price: $4795
Availability: 2-6 Weeks

The Aileron Cable Relocation and baggage compartment floor extension kit relocates the aileron cables to open up the aft part of the baggage compartment and extends the baggage compartment floor to create a level space from the modified bulkhead to the back of the fuselage tower.· This kit requires that the aft bulkhead modification be installed.

Aileron Cable Relocation
Price: $1100
Availability: 2-6 Weeks

The Folding Seat kit provides a replacement 50/50 folding seat that allows for a 2,3 or 4 seat configuration of the aircraft.· The folding seats in the "down" position provide a completely flat cargo area from the rear of the front seats to the back of the fuselage tower, approx 8 feet.· This kit requires that aft bulkhead modification.

Folding Seat
Price: $2795
Availability: 2-6 Weeks

Installation Notes

This kit is very complicated to install and requires special tools. ·We recommend this kit be installed in our shop or by someone that has worked with this kit in the past.

Estimated Installation Time: No estimate provided, contact·us for more information***

* Installed price is an estimate based on an assumed condition of the aircraft.  Installation cost varies based on the work required to prepare the aircraft for the installation this kit.

** Installation can be accomplished at our Fallon facility or buy your own mechanic.

*** All shop time estimates are what we quote for our staffed of experienced Seabee people.  A&P's without experience with these kits can expect to double and even triple the noted installation time.